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Agnès B —promotional campaign
Liberty                                                            Through                                                            Movement                                                            Contents
01                  brand narrative
02                  the rationale
03                  the aim
04                  AIDA model
05                  the idea
06                  campaign narrative
07                  moodboard concept
08                  strategies
09                  brand-zine
10                  video
“I have sought people with whom I feel, in a certain way, ‘in harmony’; who attract me with their charm, their intelligence, their talent,, and their freedom: these are people who never intimidate me and with whom I immediately feel trust and a common ground” - Agnès b.
01—Brand narrative
Angès B, is a classic French brand. The narrative of the brand is highly influenced by the several constant inspiring references from history to music to cinema to art. On that basis, the brand expresses a unique, independent lifestyle and encourages people of all ages to be free, to be artistic, and to be themselves.

“Since its beginnings, Agnès b. has remained true to her philosophy - she does not create fashionable items, but clothes designed to last and thought for those who will wear them” (Agnès b., 2021:online)

In a time of changes, the brand believes that the real garments should be the ‘timeless’ items in one’s wardrobe. Instead of chasing the ‘fashion trend’; Agnès B chooses to have a unique individual spirit.
A like apparel
GN like siGNature, pronounced as "nj"
S like stylist
E as "e" in "jet", that is, the open e
B like /beh/ - similar to 'bay'
ah - nj - eh - s - beh
02—The Rationale
“Movement” is one of the first words that came to our mind when approaching this project. The pandemic froze the time, changed everyone’s lifestyle and the way people communicate. But movement, fluidity and dance can bring us together and persuade us to find our pace of life. This campaign aims to connect people of all ages with dance, attract them with the concept of “slowing down”, and encourage 
people to buy timeless pieces — just like Agnès B’s.
03—The Aim 
To encourage people (regardless of gender) to perform and express themselves whilst challenging different stereotypes // To resonate with the audience by story-telling. To raise consumer awareness and drive sales // To dramatise the brand’s core values in a manner that taps into the right emotions // To attract younger consumers. Persuade consumers to interact with the brand by using high-quality engaging content.
Liberty through movement
04—AIDA Model
Awareness -
To generate awareness by; posting promotional campaigns in stores and on social media (Instagram, IGTV..) and on the official website. Collaborate with the Eurostar and launch event in Marylebone store to broaden the market.
Interest -
To raise interest by; creating an Instagram account for the zine, launching workshops both offline & online, organising a dance performance on TARA. To resonate with more customers and help brand build a community.
Desire -
To increase desire by; setting an online competition and giving a chance to have a brand- zine signed by Agnès B. herself.
Action -
To promote the sales by; adding links on social media & QR codes on the brandzine, Eurostar and in stores.
Screenshot 2021-05-15 at 11.56.41.png
Agnes b is              all about              relaxing              the men's
05—The Idea
Once the garment is on our body, its concept becomes more than just a mere ‘covering’ - soon it turns out to be a part of our skin. To find the harmony between humans and their bodies, between humans and others, and between humans and nature, we will explore the concept of fluidity and movement.
Regina Bakeeva  Anna Kotik  Leen Abu Aisheh  Kriti Ranka  Yanhuizi Liu
“Clothes, for me, are all about feeling in harmony with yourself to be able to think about something else.” ―Agnès B.
(Agnès b., history:1973)
06—Campaign Narrative
The garment is a medium for people to dialogue with their bodies. How to find comfort and freedom through the clothing we are wearing, is an endless topic. The art, which has no limitations, always has an invisible connection with Agnes B. We do not doubt that people who wear Agnes B can also become artists in their own lives. In this case, we will focus on different artists, chat with dancers, let them express their own thoughts about Liberty&Movement... and explore the infinite possibilities of the world of Agnes B.
07—Moodboard concept
The idea of the film and first shoot (titled Free Flow) is about slowing down through movement. Since the breakout of the pandemic, what we needed is to Slow Down. In order to find a balance between human and nature; we Feel, we Breathe, we Dance.

Traveling through space and time demonstrated through slowmotion video clips. We got inspired by recent campaign by Saul Nash "Shelter", work of Philippe Halsman "Jumps" and campaign "Around" by COS.
09—Brand Zine
1. Launch campaign #AgnèsB #Liberty on social media and create an account for Brandzine. Post stories, highlights and latest info for upcoming activities.

2. Collaborate with Eurostar, promote freedom and movement between cities and cultures. Music on the train will be provided by Agnès B Radio.

3. Competition online to create a buzz. The winner will get a Eurostar ticket to Paris.

4. Dance performance on Tara boat to engage public audience.

5. Agnès B 21st Birthday of Marylebone store. 

6. Weekly dance workshops to build a loyal community.
Slow twist in dance comes as a response to a slow twist in fashion.
Liberté is not just another ordinary zine, it’s a global magazine that narrates the stories of individuals from around the world who are freeing themselves and voicing their dreams through their bodies.

Each Issue of the zine will be themed: Issue 01 Movement & Issue 2 Sound will be available to purchase in any Agnès b store worldwide and online. Issue 02 will be dedicated to Sound, people will be asked to collaborate on the issue and create content which could be featured in the second issue. Their role is to interpret what sound means to them. The winner/winners' content will be included in our second issue.
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